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If you need an explosion proof certificate (a certificate of conformance to the requirements of TR TS 012/2011 (ТР ТС 012/2011, Customs Union Technical Specification 012/2011)), you should get in touch with a test center that has a spotless track record and always keeps abreast of all the latest developments in this area. The Center for Technical Measurements, Safety and Research (TIBER) is exactly the kind of company you need if you need realistic tests of explosion proof equipment for all kinds of protection against explosions based on your technical specifications and other required certification documents.

   Proven quality

   Today you no longer can sell explosionproof equipment without an explosionproof certificate (a certificate of conformance to the requirements of TR TS 012/2011). The certificate and the appropriate marking serve as proof that your products conform to all applicable requirements. Explosionproof certificates are issued after special trials thatare conducted to test how well protected your equipment is against explosions (measures that ensure safety during operation in explosion-prone environments).

  The explosion proof certification procedure verifies that the explosionproof markings that an applicant put on its equipment conform to the requirements of Customs Union Technical Specification TR TS 012/2011, On Safe Operation of Equipment in Explosion-Prone Environments. Seeing how the certification process often undergoes significant changes, companies can hardly figure out all the intricacies of this process on their own, which means that the best course of action is to outsource the task of getting an explosionproof certificate to the experts of the Center for Technical Measurements, Safety and Research (TIBER).

   Specific features of explosion proof equipment

   Explosion proof equipment is defined as equipment that features special protection preventing any ignition that could set fire to the explosion-prone environment the equipment is operated in.

   The goal of such equipment, in addition to whatever main purpose it is built for, on the one hand, is to prevent any contact between any parts whose operation may result in the appearance of sparks or generate excessive heat, and the external explosion-prone environment the equipment is operated in. Alternatively, explosion proof equipment may feature protection that contains and localizes an explosion that may happen within the outer shell of the equipment:

  • The explosion may be contained and localized within the outer shell of the equipment;
  • The explosion may be isolated or hermetically sealed by means of pumping a special compound or lacquer inside the equipment shell or by means of maintaining high pressure inside the equipment shell by pumping compressed air or inert gas into it;
  • The equipment shell may be filled up with quartz sand or lowered into oil, for example transformer oil;
  • The electric or thermal energy emitted by the equipment piece may be limited or prevented from leaving the outer shell by using the sparkproof protective method applied to electric circuits.

   Explosion protection of electrical equipment and its stages

   A special approach has to be used in the certification of electrical equipment operated in explosion-prone areas. In cases like this the explosion protection of the equipment will be based on such key parameters as:

  • External impacts;
  • Safety of operation in explosion-prone areas through the service life;
  • Changes in the external environment.

   An important parameter is accessibility to the parts of the equipment that can potentially start a fire. These and other aspects must be taken into account when specifications are developed. Otherwise, the explosion safety of the equipment will be compromised.

  It is vital to make sure that the samples provided for tests by an accredited laboratory are identical to the mass-produced units.

  And as special requirements must also be met by the explosion proof marking of equipment, our experts can also complete all the bureaucratic formalities for you as well. You will just be able to sit back and wait for the results.

   We are really good at what we do and ready to help you

  The Center for Technical Measurements, Safety and Research (TIBER) is a company that emphasizes the results rather than the process. We can offer you the great potential, reliability and professionalism of our workforce and a broad range of testing facilities that allow us to carry out even the most complicated tests that our customers may require.

   If you need explosion proof certification, donot hesitate to contact TIBER and you will have no regrets.