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1. In the event of disputes and complaints about the quality of the services provided by EPECC TIBER, you can file a complaint with EPECC TIBER’s Complaints Commission that comprises:

CEO of EPECC TIBER (Chairman of the Commission);

Experts who did not participate in processing the claimant’s application;

Representatives of manufacturers and consumers of the product.

2. Complaints must be filed in writing and addressed to the CEO of EPECC TIBER. All complaints are registered in the Log of Complaints (Claims) and Rulings on Them and passed on to the Chairman of the Complaints Commission.

3. The Chairman of the Complaints Commission appoints acomplaints board to review the complaint in question and decides on a timeframe for the review. The claimant will then be notified about when the claim will be reviewed. As the claim is being reviewed, a representative of the claimant may be present.


The Complaints Commission performs the following functions:

Reviewing complaints from customers who disagree with the results of certification for the products submitted to the certification authority;

Developing procedures for processing complaints, appeals and claims submitted by suppliers and other parties;

Registering complaints, appeals and claims as well as corrective actions pertaining to certification;

Documenting its actions and their results.

Rights, obligations and liability

1.   Once a complaint has been reviewed a decision is made, which the Chairman of the Commission must sign. The Complaints Commission will then notify the claimant about the decision within two weeks of receiving the complaint.

2.   All materials pertinent to the complaint are stored in EPECC TIBER’s archive after the complaint has been reviewed.

3.   If the Commission decides there are grounds for the claims made by the claimant in the complaint, any work needed to eliminate the problems pointed out in the complaint is to be carried out at the expense of the organizationsthat caused the complaint in the first place. If the claimant has no objections EPECC TIBER may record some of the work needed as having already been completed if that does not contradict the basic rules of certification.

4.    If another application for certification is submitted the applicant must pay for all the work carried out by EPECC TIBER.

5.    When the original decision is confirmed no repeat complaint needs to be submitted to EPECC TIBER.

6.    If the claimant does not agree with the decision of EPECC TIBER’s Complaints Commission, the claimant may file a complaint with a higher authority, simply notifying EPECC TIBER about it by sending an informational letter.